25 Nov 2023

Southern Lord Announces Record Store Day / Black Friday Reissues:

Sacrilege B.C. Photo by: Toby Rage

Sacrilege B.C.’s Party With God and Virulence’s If This Isn’t A Dream… are both out today.

Southern Lord is proud to announce two essential 80s hardcore/metal/punk reissues arriving as part of RSD/Black Friday; the debut album from the ultra-cult 80s’ Bay Area Thrash band: Sacrilege B.C. and the debut from the Southern California hardcore punk band Virulence. Both records were originally released by the legendary Alchemy Records label. (RIP Victor Hayden).

Southern Lord present a limited edition vinyl version of the debut album from the ultra-cult 80s’ Bay Area Thrash band: Sacrilege B.C., containing the 1985 demo pressed on vinyl for the first time.

This RSD exclusive Black + White Vinyl version will be released as a double LP with a silk-screen etching printed on side D. Liner notes are written by Ron Quintana, also including an eight-page comic book/liner notes.

Arguably one of the best ever thrash albums to ever come out of the Bay Area, the album was produced by Mark Deutrom (Melvins, Clown Alley) and is perfect for fiends of: Exodus, Metallica, Possessed, Vio-lence.

Find out more and order here.

Lord301 Sacrilege B.C.

Party With God, track listing:

Side A

  1. Azmeroth
  2. Crucified
  3. Fun With Napalm
  4. Born Of Hell
  5. Time To Die

Side B

  1. Skinned Alive
  2. Cancer
  3. Judge Death
  4. Death Toll
  5. Words Of God
  6. Final Rites
  7. Slaughterhouse
  8. Victimized

Side C
1985 Demo

  1. Azmeroth
  2. Skinned Alive
  3. Crucified
  4. Heed No Warning


Virulence Photo by: Alison Romano

Southern California hardcore punk band Virulence was originally formed in 1985, heavily influenced by Black Flag, the Melvins, & BL’AST!. After the bands demise in 1990 the members reformed under the familiar moniker: FU MANCHU.

The debut and sole release by Virulence If This Isn’t A Dream… is an exercise in slow, crushing minimalism and is a very worthy induction into the chapter of early heavy music recordings.

For RSD Southern Lord present an exclusive White Vinyl version. Order here.

Find more info and a participating indie record store near you at recordstoreday.com.

Virulence - If This Isn’t A Dream…

If This Isn’t A Dream…, track listing:

1 – Dead Weight
2 – Wrapped Up
3 – Worse than Misery
4 – Spilling it Out
5 – Blank Stare
6 – Kindergarten
7 – Sleep
8 – The Curse