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Worship: Bernard Herrmann Tribute LP


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Having released two-full lengths of emotive, atmospheric instrumental and/or wordless music throughout 2022, Greg Anderson returns as The Lord with Worship: Bernard Herrmann Tribute, an album of brand new suspenseful and evocative guitar music, inspired by the film compositions of Bernard Herrmann.

Bernard Herrmann is an Academy Award-winning composer, most notable for his collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, including for films Vertigo, North By Northwest and Psycho. He also composed for films Cape Fear, The Bride Wore Black, Fahrenheit 451 and Citizen Kane, all of which receive a nod on this album. Anderson’s compositions take cues from the dramatic tension which Herrmann excelled at, and create a noir-esque atmosphere of expectancy through repetition and introspection.

Anderson has been working on these compositions since 2021, his solo output having been greatly influenced by Herrmann. Southern Lord & The Lord Recordings present this limited edition 12” and Bandcamp exclusive digital release in May-June 2024.

The record begun in the Lord’s Cave throughout 2021-2024, finished in 2024 at Sea Grass Studios, Valley Village by engineer Brad Wood. Production was overseen by Greg Anderson and Brad Wood, and mixing and mastering was completed by Brad Wood. The design of the album is by Laura Pleasants.

1. Worship: The Church of Herrmann
2. Psycho: Marion & Sam
3. Vertigo: The Forest
4. Vertigo: The Dream
5. Citizen Kane
6. Cape Fear: Main Title
7. Fahrenheit 451: The Reading
8. The Bride Wore Black: Moranes’ End
9. Vertigo: Scottie Tails Madeline (Madeline’s first appearance)


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