FriendshipFRIENDSHIP offers vile, antagonistic, and visionary blackened, sludge-tone hardcore, focused on delivering maximum auditory torture, with the blasting directives of l, Nails, and Infest, backed with the oppressive tonal amplification of Sleep, Coffins, or Eye Hate God. The band is now revered as one of the heaviest modern acts in Japan.

Their second LP, Undercurrent showcases FRIENDSHIP’s hybrid of ultra-heavy doom sludge/powerviolence as audible torture. With a more technical and precise attack, and a brighter and sharper tone than the preceding Hatred LP, all tracking, mixing, and mastering duties for Undercurrent were handled in Tokyo throughout 2018. The resulting album strikes hard with ten relentless tracks delivered in just over twenty-two minutes.

Undercurrent Track Listing:
1. Demise
2. Vertigo
3. Punishment
4. Lack
5. Abandon
6. Fiend
7. Plague
8. Garbage
9. Wrecker
10. Hatred