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Southern Lord is proud to be chosen to reissue SCREAM’s everlasting No More Censorship album. The band found the original multi-track tapes and Southern Lord had them baked/prepped for a remix at Scream drummer Dave Grohls’ 606 Studio. The new mix sounds vital and intense; the entire packaging, layout, and design is completely different from the original, with the inclusion of photos, lyrics, poetry, and other personal writings from the band during that era, collected in an extensive booklet.


  1. Take It From The Top
  2. Something In My Head
  3. Binge
  4. God Squad
  5. Hit Me
  6. Dreams
  7. No More Censorship
  8. It’s The Time
  9. Fucked Without A Kiss
  10. GLC
  11. Run To The Sun
  12. No Escape


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