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This is the 2xCD album released during Sunn O)))’s tour in Australia with Boris. Limited to 2000 copies only.

‘ORAKULUM was originally composed for a live performance collaboration with the New York sculptor Banks Violette at the Maureen Paley Gallery in London, June of 06. Violette created sculptural representation of SUNN O)))s [sic] entire backline in cast resin and salt, including amplifier stacks, instruments, effects & accompaniments. In addition, black laquered stage platforms and sound panels were created as a basis for the groups [sic] actual backline setup, and a selection of drawings were presented within the context. The result of this performance and collaboration, which was conducted in a sealed gallery space, was intended to generate a feeling of absence, loss and a phantom of what once was. Along with the experiment BELÜLROL PUSZTÍT, it is intended as a document of SUNN O)))’s interpretation of such said collaboration. HELIO)))SOPHIST is an audial collage comprised of performances in Europe from July 05 and appears solely in this edition.’

Special thanks to Banks Violette & Maureen Paley.

released April 1, 2007


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