Sunn O)))

Downtown Rehearsal/Riff Tape March 1998


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By the grace of the spear of (VIK)odin… the very first ever sunn “rehearsal” was recorded on a shitty 1980s boombox on cassette tape.  These virgin invocations have been transferred warts, vomit, and all to the vinyl format. Mastered by Brad Boatright.

1) 0:00 Room 206 pt.1
2) 00:26 Room 206 pt.2
3) 04:10 B-Witch

1) 0:00 Room 206 pt.3
2) 00:35 The Grimm Robe / Black Wedding
3) 11:50 Mustaine / Thorns
4) 15:32 M&D I.L.F.
5) 16:30 The DJs


Released May 30, 2018

Greg & Stephen : guitars & amps
SUNN O))) practice tape recorded March 1998 at Downtown Rehearsal (RIP) room 206, Los Angeles.
Mastered by Boatright February 2018
Thanks Pete Stahl, Helen Storer, Xan Hammack, Phil Vera, Guy Pinhas, Rayshele Teige, Raul Cabellero, Goatsnake, Melvins, The Holymont refuge.


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