Torch Runner

Committed to the Ground


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CD, Black Vinyl LP

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North Carolinas’ Torch Runner viciously bring forth a volatile, pissed-off brew of metallic, downbeat punk/hardcore/grind, for fiends that are into filth like: (OLD) Napalm Death, Dead In The Dirt, Weekend Nachos and Nails. This is a cd release of their debut album that was previously only available on vinyl. Their forthcoming album will be released on Southern Lord in a few months.


  1. Current
  2. Incendiary
  3. Feeding
  4. Canon Cast
  5. Clocked In
  6. Committed To The Ground
  7. Rede
  8. Harrow
  9. The Holy Are The Broken
  10. Tolled
  11. Pulpit Plague
  12. Vestige


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CD, Black Vinyl, Grey Vinyl

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