Dead In The Dirt

Blind Hole

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Southern Lord is honored to be releasing the debut album from Atlanta-based grindcore trio DEAD IN THE DIRT. “The Blind Hole is a blast-laden auditory dissent that is absolutely crushing!

Recorded with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) at Bricktop Recording Studio. The DITD sound takes cues from His Hero Is Gone, Drop Dead, (old) Napalm Death etc.. to horrifically relentless levels of blasting intensity. It is not very often that a new band can simultaneously and effectively spew forth such filthy chaos in a controlled manner. It is also rare that recordings from bands in this scene/genre display such clear and concise production values. This is literally one of the heaviest and most brutal recordings that has come out in recent times!


A1 Suffer
A2 The Blaring Eye
A3 Swelling
A4 Strength Through Restraint
A5 Idiot Bliss
A6 You Bury Me
A7 Skull Binding
A8 Mask
A9 Cop
A10 No Chain
A11 Will Is The War
B1 Beggar
B2 One More Day
B3 The Pit Of Me
B4 Caged
B5 Starve
B6 Vein
B7 Pitch Black Tomb
B8 The Last Nail
B9 Two Flames
B10 A Knife In The Feathers
B11 Halo Crown


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CD, Black Vinyl LP