Baptists, photo by Ryan Walter Wagner

photo credit: Ryan Walter Wagner

BaptistsVancouver Canadas’ Baptists lay down absolutely unrelenting, chaotic, punishing hardcore. This is the band debut album and we guarantee it will completely flatten you. Brutal yet cathartic.

This rages with an intense urgency that immediately grabs you by the throat and effectively kicks your ass! Following a highly revered and sought after 7” on Southern Lord circa 2011 the band took to the road and built a strong buzz in the underground scene via their vicious live shows. They destroyed at several of the Power of the Riff events over the last few years as well as other high profile shows in Canada.

They spent a good part of 2012 vigilantly writing material for their first full-length release. They traveled to Salem, Mass. to record at Godcity studios with Kurt Ballou. There really is noone who is doing a better job at effectively capturing this kind of music these days. The result is a dark, seething non stop battering. The drumming on this is without question some of the best that there has ever been.

This is a band completely firing on all cylinders and laying waste to everything in their path.